Friday, April 30, 2010

WOW that was not good!

I have had the most intense past month or so. The details are too long too write. We now have custody of my 15yr old sister though. Which is a HUGE answer to a prayer I've been praying for 15yrs! (her mom is an alcoholic and was doing drugs with her and buying her alcohol etc) My sister is also still dealing with court nonsense from turning in the 30yr old guy she was "dating". Etc. She comes from a world 10000X different from the one we create for our kids so it's been interesting. BUT it's amazing! She's doing great and we all love her! Homeschooling a 9th grader with my 3rd grader has been a LOT of added work and taking a LOT of time to get rolling. BUT, again, all worth it!
So I've gained a LOT back in the past month. MAN, it comes on so fast and off so slow! BUT I'm slowly coming out of the fog and getting back on track.
I don't know what plan to follow or how I will make the time to do it but I'm trying to figure that out. And exercise???? What is that??? :) I'm trying to do that again too. The fibro is flaring up and kicking my butt and I have a HORRIBLE cold! A teething 7 month old and a month so busy my head is fighting confusion to keep it straight. BUT....
I am blessed and it will all work out....somehow! :)
Sorry to my 17 readers or so for taking so long away. I'm back....I think! :)


  1. How ironic, I just thought to myself yesterday...I wonder what happened to PrettyFace? Literally! Which is weird for it to randomly come to mind. That is wonderful news about your sister...she may not know it yet but you and your hubby just saved her life. I pray that it continues to go well. It sounds like you have a lot going on, so it will be even MORE important for you to stay focused...but you can do it!

  2. You have been up to your eyes, girl. It's good to see you blogging, again and I hope that you find your way back on track, soon. I know it can be difficult, especially when you are under stress.

    Good for you, Getting custody of your sister. She will be so much better off and have a much better life.

    Hang in there. :D