Friday, March 26, 2010

WEIGH IN #12 (OH I am a HAPPY GIRL!!!)And various stuff

Weigh in #12
- 3.5 lbs!!!
That brings my total to 24.5 lbs gone THIS year!
That's 6.5lbs more than my 6month old!

I am quite happy with that! Sure, it's not "biggest loser" style but it's REAL and shows my hardwork, while living a normal life, is paying off! LOVE IT!!!

-24.5lbs and -30 INCHES! So far so good!!!

I am so glad I didn't give up when I gained that half a pound last week! I was so tempted to just forget it! This is seriously a hard thing even though I've been faithful with it 98% of the past 12weeks, it's still not EASY.

Will it ever be?

Will I ever not find myself wanting to sneak bites and snacks? Will I ever see an amazing cake and not feel a strong almost uncontrolable (sometimes uncontrolable) urge to eat it? Will I ever EAT to LIVE and NOT live to eat??? Only time will tell....but I've gotten better at it! Yup, I sure have! :)

I've been following the Daniel Fast for 6days (day 6 is ending as I type) and my o my has it been a change. I feel like I am really learning how to control my eating and my choices while I am doing this so that's a bonus. Sadly, I still feel that when this fast is over, I will still be pulled toward those bad habits that left me MORBIDly obese to begin with. But I am praying and walking this out one day at a time.

If you've had a bad week or a bad weigh in (or 2+bad weeks or weigh ins etc) please know that if I can do this, you can! I am 32 years old and 90% of my life I've eaten GARBAGE and my body showed it! But I am so glad to be going down in clothing sizes, inches, pounds and going up in energy, hope, health etc. That it's worth it.

Do I still want some foods so badly they bring me to tears resisting them, some times. Do I still want to stop by the bakery and treat myself to a comforting muffin or cookie? Sometimes, especially on days like today when my kids (who are amazing and adorable and I love beyond words) were sooooooooo hard to deal with! I'd love a cup of coffee and a big ole brownie!! But in the end, that brownie will NOT help me deal with my kids.

A great quote I've read online for such a thing is "If hunger isn't your problem, than food is not your answer" GREAT!!! Even when it feels like food is the answer. The answer to your stress, worry, fear, tiredness, etc, bad foods will actually make all of that worse! Don't DO IT!

Find some other way to deal, for me, I cry out to Jesus! Drink a hot cup of herbal tea, decaf coffee, read a book, hide in the bathroom a few minutes, youtube an old favorite song, repeat scriptures I've memorized etc. There are ways! You (and I) deserve to be healthy and strong and not die young because we made stupid eating choices.

I, for one, do not want my tombstone to read " Here Lays FatGirl she lived she ate a lot and she died" ummm NO!!! There is so much more to life and I will LIVE IT!

So, woohoooo for my amazing weigh and onward I go!

You coming? :)


  1. I am definitely coming, too! Congrats on your loss. You are doing such a great job. Keep it up!

  2. Congratulations on such great results.

    And yes, I am definitely coming along. Kicking and screaming at times but travelling down the road, none the less. :D

  3. you have done an amazing job..iam just starting out..only blogged for about 3 weeks, but i have been changing my lifestyle for a little over a coming too...keep going..kelli

  4. congrats on the awesome weight loss! from my own experience many of the cravings do go away...just hang in there!

  5. Congratulations! keep up the good work, your doing great!