Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fresh Start #731....UGH!

So, I'm ending a 5/6 days binge/junk/salt eating feast! UGH!!

I've been in horrible pain in a stupid tooth I need PULLED! I've had horrible PMS feelings but that doesn't seem to be flowing regardless of the cramps and cravings...not to mention, I take medicine to get it going and it's not working YET!
So, my tooth still hurts and my hormones still need HELP! BUT.... ENOUGH ALREADY!!!
I keep allowing bumps in the road to make me give up all together and that is is NOT how to be successful. DUH!
So, I measured and weighed my breakfast...logged it in and am about to start my big ole Water intake! I will focus today on ONE step at a time! I am going to clean my house and ready it for the week, and maybe, maybe, even plan a few meals for myself and my family. AND maybe....get a good calorie burn in too!'s to a new day!
One step at a time!
(I don't know how to reply to comments on my blog just yet so please know that I am VERY thankful for comments and insight and when I figure out how to tell you personally..I will sure try to!)


  1. Thats all you can do sometimes:) Good luck

  2. I also have a toothache, and have wicked PMS this week. So I know how you feel. I suffer through out the night with my tooth and although I have dental insurance, am TERRIFIED of going. My period is also causing me to slip a little off track and eat the way I used to. But I keep reminding myself that each morning is a new day and I can get right back on track! Goodluck. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. You are not giving up. You keep getting up and trying. That is what makes you different. One day, it will click for you and you will fly.

    I look back at my written record of the early days, back in February and early March and wow! I had a tough time getting into the groove. One good day, two bad. Two good days, one bad. But slowly, steadily, consistently I have pulled into a pattern of many, many good days in a row.

    Progress, not perfection, love. You can do this. *hug*

    To reply to comments, just click on comments below your entry, (skip this step, obviously if you are already on the comments page ;)) type in the dialog box and click Post Comment. If you are not signed into your blog, you will be prompted to do so. Choose a profile... I choose Google and sign in using my username and password. Then you can post your answer.

    I hope this helps. :D

  4. Awwww thanks everybody!

    Ice Queen: I didn't know it was as easy as replying to my own blog entry. LOL

    We'll see if this works!

    I am also glad to know I am not alone!

    Bad afternoon but tomorrows a new day!
    Got antibiotics tonight so here we go!