Monday, June 21, 2010'm doing well...and you know you're proud! :)

Today was day two in a row of working out! WOOHOOOO

I haven't done two days in a row in WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY tooooooo looooong!

I feel great knowing that I did it! I feel great knowing that I am working toward my goals!

I ate finishing my 120+oz of water as I type. And all is well.

But...I am TIRED!

Some randomish thoughts from lately:

As I bust my big ole backside on the elliptical I have found that picturing myself going down a slide with my kids, running all over the playground equipment, chasing them, playing a REAL game of basketball...running and all! Not worrying about the pain in my saddlebag area when I am on a swing...or if the steel chain can hold me! Wearing adorable dresses once again for myself and my husband of course! Feeling confident sitting in chairs with arms! In BOOTHS!

I am excited to have some family Christmas Card photos that I am in this year! :) I may not be at "goal" by that time but I'll sure look better!

These things are keeping me going. I thought I'd write them down for looking back when needed!

Ahhhhh the journey of it all!

Oh and I lost 3.5lbs this week! :)

135.5 to go LOL


  1. 3.5 for the week is great! Keep going, girl! :D

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss! Girl, I know it is hard. I have been struggling -- eating ice cream each day. It must stop and I must get back on track.

    Thanks so much for the follow! I returned the favor and look forward to knowing you.


  3. Yeah, great job!!! What a terrific loss this week, you must be so happy!

  4. 3.5 lbs is amazing.. Way to go girl