Friday, June 25, 2010

Why do I throw out the baby with the bath water? STUPID all or nothing!

It seems I get going along pretty well with eating and working out and than.. POOF....a bad day!

Bad days can come from countless sources: too little sleep, too much pain (fibromyalgia/tooth issue etc), too much running around to do, PMS etc... but bad days happen....

So, why is it, that once I have ONE bad day I think the whole week is shot!???!!? Yup, I do! I forget all the hardwork the days before and focus on the failure that day. I give up for rest of said week...or month and beat myself up the entire time!

Why do I have such an "all or nothing" crappy attitude???

I know in my head I should just pick up, dust off and get back on track. BUT I don't do it! I allow guilt to send me to eat junk and the fact that I ate junk makes me more depressed so I eat more junk and so on and so on.... what a horrible chain reaction.

The voices that say: "see you'll never get this....don't waste the energy trying" or "you wasted all that time making sure you ate healthy and took time from your kids to exercise and now you're blowing it with that stupid suck" etc.... I know better...but that voice gets me down every freakin time!

Today, I have HORRIBLE tooth pain, VERY bad cramps (aka PMS I's not been normal in ages), 5 of my kids and 1 extra, a HUGE list of paperwork to get done and mailed, a very busy Saturday which I'd rather was blank and available for couch sitting and rest....UGHHHHH I need to force myself to get a grip when all I want is some pain meds and ice cream....and a NAP!

End rant!


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I had that attitude for FAR too long but you can change it with the next meal, the next glass of water, the next walk. Plus, you are dealing with hormones and such. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

  2. I'm sorry! (((hugs)))

    I know what you mean about all or nothing. I do the same thing.

    I hope you feel better!

    Tomorrow is a new day.