Monday, July 12, 2010

Weigh in and more before photos...

Weigh In: -3lbs

Wonder how many times I've lost that 3lbs?
Oh's gone again and I pray
it NEVER comes back!

A huge motivating photo!
(no pun intended)

That's my butt yesterday at the playground....YIKES!

I hate that I can't, YET, go down slides with my got the idea to have my wonderful husband take this embarrassing photo so I could see what I'm up against! So...that photo, is indeed, my butt, backed up to the top of the slide I didn't (but WILL) go down yesterday.

I have a few more photos but I can't get them to load properly to this page so I am going to try to add them to my page (labeled on top of this) that has my photos. IF I can figure it out.

Horrible fibromyalgia pain day today....OUCH!!!!!!!! My husband called in so he can help with the kids and I can RECOVER..and pray it's better tomorrow!

Eating has been great today...water a bit low...will work on that!

Off to try to load photos...


  1. New follower here! Please come by my blog and visit. I am trying to lose too!

  2. OMW, that is me! So glad I found your blog. Not sure from who though. Totally blessing that I did though, because I can relate to so much already.