Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh yeah..I did it..and it felt GREAT!!!

This is NOT from today but a past workout where, if you look closely cause it's not the best shot and my child took it, you can see the SWEAT marks!! WOOHOOO I think I'll start taking photos of sweat every time!! :) I feel like I've done a good job burning fat when I have buckets of water on myself! :) WOOHOOO!

SO.....I worked out!! Yup...I did! For 65 minutes and my good ole heart rate monitor said 800 calories!! WOOHOOOO!


Ate great...even with PMS starting to rear it's UGLY self!!!!

Onward.... :)


  1. Getting started is the HARDEST part, and you just DID IT! WOOOOOOHOOOOO! I'll tell you a secret. It's 100% ADDICTIVE, exercise! Seriously! If you try different things, you will suddenly find the one that 'grabs' you, and you will be HOOKED. You ROCK, and you are a TOTAL inspiration!

  2. You go girl. I exercise every evening and pour sweat. That's a good thing, right?

  3. thanks for the comments :)
    I haven't slept in over 33hrs cause a friend of mine went into labor and I had to help so I am VERY tired and not likely working out till Saturday when I've caught up a bit but it sure is GREAT to sweat!!!