Tuesday, July 20, 2010

WOW! And...HELP!?!?! I need to EXERCISE!?!?!

I did it!!!
I ate WELL today!

Yup..I did!

And I'm PROUD!!!

Now, just the rest of my life to go! :)



I seem to be afraid to EXERCISE!!! Not at all sure why...... ideas???

Is it because I feel like this lady above when I do???? Or fear I'll always look like her REGARDLESS?

Is it because I know it works? Am I one of those people who is afraid to be FIT and NOT fat??? The fear of the unknown sadly stops so many of us from reaching our dreams...

Is it because I really have NO TIME??? Afterall, I am sitting here typing this blog so how little time do I really have????? Hmmmm...never thought about that before!!?!?! UH OH!!!

I know night time isn't the best time to workout...but isn't it better than not working out? And the stupid fibromyalgia pain/joint pain etc...MAN does that make mornings hard...BUT wouldn't it make them better if I got up and did LIGHT exercise???? GRRRRR

I take care of 7 people ALL day...(counting myself). I homeschool the kids, cook, clean, teach, correct, love, nuture, play, cook, clean etc...most my days start at 7am and end at 1am. YIKES and in there I do NOT sleep well 90% of the time. (my husband doesn't get home from work till after 11:15pm most nights and try as I may...I can't seem to sleep when he's not here) And the kids get up early. There are days when the fibro pain is so bad my hubby lets me sleep in...GOD BLESS HIM!!! But most days...it's UP and at em!

I want to get up at 6 or ever sooner but to do that I have to get to sleep earlier! BUT I'm busy when the kids go to sleep. Grading, cleaning, detoxing from stress...and if I workout late...I can't get to sleep at night...ohhh and there is the baby...she's just starting to fuss to eat. Which is NEVER the same time every evening....

::::BIG SIGH:::::

I will do this!!!!

The end....

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  1. Wow, you're like SuperMom. I am ao happy you are doing this one thing for yourself. *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at Band Camp..." Check out my blog at mybigfatbandgeeklife.blogspot.com