Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Overdo Weigh In results and measurements taken!! :)

Weigh in Results for Week 12 = UP .5 lbs
YUP...I gained! YUCK
I know that I didn't gain FAT!
See it's mathmatically not possible...nope it's not! I burned OVER 3800 calories and ate VERY well within my ranges. 3500 calories equal ONE pound so I burned at least one pound and ate within ranges. BUT I did eat a lot of high sodium foods and I hadn't had a bowel movement in days! So..I tracked the +.5 and tried to move on....TRIED!
It seems that somehow the gain and the sugar I allowed myself (within my calorie range) triggered a beast of eating again! UGH! I didn't "binge" the old way but I surely binged! It started slowly and kept on sliding doooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwnnnnnn hill! Friday was Weigh and I ate my normal salty high calorie foods for the week...but it didn't stop there. Saturday I hate HORRIBLY and felt so sick! I don't even really remember much of what I ate. Sad but true! I know I snuck food for the first time in MONTHS! :(
Sneak/secret eating is sooooo bad! It's horrible to know what you're doing is killing you and adding to the fat you're fighting and then do it anyway. I tried very hard to love the big ole donut I was eating the store parking lot before going home. I tried! But know matter what, I knew better!
I was picturing all the time I'd have to spend on my elliptical to burn it off, remembering all the hours of hard work I've put in etc...and I was so sad and heavy hearted but I ate it anyway!!!
Why? I don't really know...but I own it. I did it! And I hate it! But I hadn't done it for months till then and God willing, I won't do it again!
So the good news.... I took my monthly measurements! I checked and over the course of the last month, with ups and downs on the scale, I'm only down 2.5lbs or so. WHAT?!?!? BUT I lost 12.5 INCHES!!! In a month!!! WOOHOOO!!!
12.5 INCHES in one month!!! I'm so happy!
I did further math and it seems I have lost 30 INCHES since January 1st this year! WOW!!!!
What does that mean? That means I will NOT let a seemingly bad week on the scale RUIN my healthy lifestyle! I am likely bulking up my muscles and therefore the scale will look up and down from time to time but I'm SHRINKING!!! The tape measure doesn't lie!!!
So onward I go!!!

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  1. Great attitude! This seems to be me - eating within my range and seeming "healthy" foods but quite a bit of processed food (canned veggie soups) that is full of sodium. congratulations on your re-shaping body, 12.5 inches is awesome!