Thursday, March 11, 2010

WIDE LOAD and "my plan"

Ok Folks, I'm back! I love this photo (above) because it's my LIFE! Well, my life as a size ZERO but I digress. I am always beyond busy. If there were awards for multi tasker of the year I have no doubt moms would win EVERY time! (oh and to make the above photo more life like you'd have to add 3 more kids under my feet while I'm cooking/cleaning etc.) MAN! The calories I burn! I should be a zero by now! Ohhhhh wait....I EAT too much! DUH!!! :)

Or, at least I USED to eat too much!

I've been on Weight Watchers for about 9wks now. (God only knows how many times I've joined before, seems to always end with me getting pregnant) I have been logging my points on Sparkpeople to see where I fall on daily calorie intake. It's my hope to switch over to that once my prepaid WW time is up. I've been great sticking to the plan and working out. See some stats:

I eat on average 1600 calories a day
I burn about 2700-3000+ calories a week in exercise! (thank you heartrate monitor!)
I sweat like a HOG in the Arizona heat! (I don't live there but I hear it's HOT)
I drink AT least 72oz of water daily. Trying to get back up to 120+oz daily.
I pee a lot!
I take vitamins: cinnamon, 5HTP, One A Day, Fiber, Fish Oil
I do NOT give up! (not this time!!!!)

So, that's my plan!

I try to limit the carbs I eat and the sugar as well. I get most my carbs from fruit and whole grains such as Steel Cut Oats! (love em!!!) And I use Stevia and other low GI natural sweeteners 9 times out of 10)

I took some REALLY REAL ROLLY POLLY ICKY FAT PICS! I need them! I need to see what I'm really dealing with and not just the odd messed up strangely unreal image I see in the mirror. Photos have a way of shocking your brain back to real life. Take the one below for example, I knew my big ole butt was HUGE because of the big black and blue spots I get forcing it into most waiting room chairs, or how the chairs STICK TO MY BUTT when I try to get up. OH MY GOSH (I hate that!!!) BUT this photo......

Speaks for itself! WOW!!! WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE or what? Dear God HELP ME! (and you will see I highlighted the super annoying elbow fat for you as well!)

I should hold up a small object (or large for that matter) to give you an idea just what you're looking at! (maybe a YARD STICK) OH MY GOSH! EYE opener for sure! (I would like to add, that there is a HUGE ring of sweat from a great workout on this photo though!!!)

Tata for now!


  1. Wow you are a lot braver than me!

    I think if it helps you to see your progress then it is the right thing to do!

    Pictures along the way helped me to see a difference that I could not see in the mirror!

    I have yet to post my before pictures on my blog but I am thinking about it.

  2. i don't have any pics but i do use the SHOCK myself into reality method! too funny about always ending up pregnant on WW!!! that's an advertisement they haven't had before! i hear great things about sparkpeople, good luck, sounds like you are on track!