Monday, March 15, 2010

Reward for Weight Loss (photo too) and update etc. :)

This "Fatty" Bought her first Weight Loss REWARD!


Not the best photo of my necklace but it's what I've got at the moment! :)

I've been rocking "my plan" and seeing changes. I am TRYING to not be ruled by the numbers on the scale. TRYING is key there. It's soooo hard! Having been a fat girl for so long I feel as if I am almost defined by the weight I see on the scale. I've been trying to focus on my NSVs (non-scale victories) a lot more!

I started out not being able to squeeze into my 24s at all! I am now comfortable in my 22s AND I can get my 20s up ALL the way...I look forward to the day I can button them! :) And maybe even breathe in them!! MAYBE! Afterall, breathing in smaller pants isn't really important...right? LOL

My husband has been increasingly supportive. Not that he was ever unsupportive but he suffered from the "fear of saying wrong thing to emotional wife and regretting it more than if I say nothing at all" sickness! Example:

Saying "honey, you look like you've really lost some weight!" To Wife Ears "WOW you were so fat and now you've improved a bit" OR

"Sweetie, you look really good today" Equals "you never look this nice, you're normally in PJ's with baby vomit on your shoulder"

The list goes on! God Bless him for putting up with so much eh? He's been loving the curve and firm round feeling of my butt, and especially the look of it in jeans! (did I mention I'm almost back in my 20s??? LOL) He's been very encouraging with all the time I take to workout (1hour a day is my ideal) and he gladly takes care of all FOUR kids while I do it. He lets me buy special only for me foods and never complains. He is amazing! So much easier to do this with his support!

My race to 279 is still on with my Spark Friend Michele as well. :) We'll see!

I'm on week 11 and by the Grace of God I've not binged and had horrible issues with food since that day! AMAZING!

Onward I go....20's here I come!


  1. congrats on your NSV's! i think i love fitting into smaller sizes even more than seeing a loss on the scale...if not it is a close 2nd. that is awesome about your hubby being more supportive. my mom calls and asks me each wednesday "how did weigh-in go?" it really helps me feel supported and also makes me accountable. i love being able to say "I LOST ___" :-)

  2. Week eleven! That is wonderful. You are now my new no binge inspiration. :D

    Happiness is a supportive hubby. :D :D

  3. You are awesome! Congratulations on your success and what a nice reward you got yourself.

    Love to hear how supportive your hubby is. It makes all the difference in the world.

    My huby is my biggest supporter as well and I can't imagine not having his encouragement.