Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another day fightin' the fat! (and how do I post pics that don't all go to the top??)

Being a mom with 4 young kids, homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, being a wife, a friend, a daughter, a EXHAUSTING! Add to that the JOB of getting fit and I'm sooooo tired! Sincerely, tired! I am forcing myself to TAKE/MAKE time for me and it's really one of the hardest habits to learn. I know full well how to take care of my husband, children, friends, etc. But actually saying "ok, I'm going to go turn on my MP3 player and workout for the hour, please see daddy for help and questions" is VERY hard. I feel like a crappy mom taking time away from everything else just for me. But if I don't I look like this:

The good news is, the more I take/make ME TIME, the better I feel. Overall, not every day. But I have more energy, more passion, more zeal! I have more of life to live and to give! AMAZING! I am teaching my children how to live long healthy lives and to serve God at the same time. I am teaching them that miracles do happen...IE: I am not getting fatter!! LOL
The old me, was teaching them to sit, stuff food, watch tv, avoid a number of public settings, self hatred, how to get heart disease, how to...well you get the picture! I was 318lbs at my highest memorable weight. And being that I am only 5'5...that ain't right! Heck, I'd have to be 7ft tall to come close to making that look good!
A little more about who I am, I fight with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, TMJ, heel spurs and a list of other nonsense that being fat sure didn't help or has caused. My knees are down right angry with me because they've been carrying my stinkin' oversized back side for too many years. My heels think I'm stupid for asking so much of them, my back...oh my oh my I won't even go there.
BUT, it's all getting better! One prayer, one healthy choice at a time and I improve daily!
Do I always feel like I'm improving? uhhhh NO!!! But do I know, deep in my heart, that picking the apple over the french fries will improve my life...Yupper! I sure do! So I press on!
I am far from perfect, I will never have a perfect body or perfectly clean house, BUT I can WILL have peace knowing that I've been trying my best and living to the fullest!!! The rest, is just details!


  1. i saw your comment about being new on jenn's blog and the name of your blog caught my attention. i'm glad you are learning how to take time for yourself and understand that it makes you better for your family. i'm a relatively new blogger also, but your pictures didn't appear all at the top in this post...

  2. I saw your comment on Jenn's blog too :-D

    My template is from The Blog Fairy and I paid for the header and background which was about $50. There are a TON of free backgrounds available as well from Cutest Blog on the Block, Shabby Blogs, Pyzam and a few others. What I did was made it a reward for achieving one of my goals.

    Look forward to watching your progress and let me know if you have any questions.

    P.S. When you upload them they always go to the top but you can drag them to where you want them in your post once they have been uploaded and Phluff was right, they are in the right spots on this post so it looks like you figured it out!

  3. Welcome to blogging. I am a new blogger too.

    I want to say congrats on figuring out that you have to take care of you.

    I look forward to reading about your progress.

  4. came across your blog so wanted to say hi! look forward to reading, where can i follow????

  5. I came across you blog on another one and I really enjoyed it. I have added it to my list that I keep up with. I to have a lot of weight to lose and have started walking. I loved the housewife picture by the way.